Counter strike 1.6 Gametracker

gametracker counterstrike 1.6

This version is recently updated Game tracker version. CS 1.6 GT is one of rarest builds, made by developers. In general, the game build turned out to be beautiful and of high quality. It use to be really popular between players who use to visit gt website. These days it is really hard to find this old version. It has lots of character physics, a beautiful design, advanced character models, a large choice of servers in the search and built-in bots. No wonder why players are searching for this version despairly. It introduced new features like anti-hacking protection and better performance. For sure, download counter-strike GT, its is worth trying. It have lots of new usefull features that are not available in standart version. For example, if you dont have internet connection you can play against advanced bots. Playing against bots its good warm up before entering an online server. To get link click one of links bellow:

GT Build Features:

  • Classic version of Counter Strike 1.6
  • Original player models (Steam)
  • Bettter graphics and sounds effects
  • 100% Anti-Hacking protection

Download CS 1.6 GT version

Gametracker version was available only for users to download and play. All changes made to this legendary online shooter. Current models are almost no different from standard ones, only small replacements. Such changes will not forbid you to play any counterstrike server. It looks just great. Some popular weapons were replaced with new, unique textures on them.

  • Why to play GT version?
  • All models of players is slighly different new colors;
  • The best and frequently used weapons have some changes;
  • It have build-in system against bad reputation servers;
  • The language can be changed from english to other languages;
  • Stable fps, without spikes and lags.